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What's the best way to schedule an appointment at the barbershop for long hair maintenance ? Are there specific considerations for long hair that I should keep in mind when making the appointment?

Does Shear Elevations accept credit or debit card for payment? If so is there an extra charge for using that method?

I made an appointment online but I've found out I cannot keep it, how do I reschedule or cancel? 

I want to book an appointment for multiple services, how do I do that?  

Yes. If your hair is shoulder length or longer we always advise booking your service under long/layered haircut. This ensures the barber has enough time to complete a satisfactory service. 

Yes we accept all methods of payment. There is no additional charge for a credit/debit card payment. 

When you make an appointment, the number and or email you've given us will receive a confirmation text/email. Included in the confirmation will be a link. This link will allow you to reschedule or cancel without having to call. 

Booking multiple appointments can be done by clicking on every desired service. For example if you would like a men's haircut and also a boys haircut, click on men's fade and also click on child's haircut before you click next. 

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